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Theatrum orbis Terrarum | Medieval Codices

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Theatrum orbis Terrarum


The Atlas, made by the cartographer, Abraham Ortelius, in 1570, is considered among experts to be the first Atlas known to man, in the sense that it included, for the first time, all the cartographic information available at that point in history. It also brought it all together in an orderly and uniform manner, providing not only maps for each region of the known world but also information on each region’s history, gastronomy, crafts, trade etc.

A gem that no book enthusiast should miss.


  • Author: Abraham Ortelius
  • Place and year of publication: 1612 (Atlas), 1624 (Paraegon) Antwerp, Belgium.
  • Language: Old Castilian (Atlas), Latin (Paraegon)
  • Maps: 170 almost all on double page. Coloured by hand.
  • Pages: 672.
  • Measurements: 44 cm x 24 cm.
  • Binding: Concertina stitched with leather covers in Gold-brown leather with spine labels.
  • 1 Facsimile volume plus a full colour study volume.
  • Original preserved in the Historical Library at Salamanca University. Catalogue number BG/52039
  • 375 Limited edition copies, numbered before the notary.
  • ISBN: 978-84-936312-4-6

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