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The Large Passion

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Between 1505 and 1507, Albrecht Dürer visited Italy again. His goal had now changed from that of completing his learning to that of establishing his international reputation. After being acclaimed and recognised as a renowned artist he returned to Nuremberg and in 1511 completed the project, initiated 15 years beforehand, to publish «The Large Passion». The series gets its name from a combination of the subject matter, the physical and spiritual suffering of Jesus Christ, and the format which is rather large, some would even say, monumental.

In the «Large Passion» Dürer applies, almost systematically, the principle of chiaroscuro, the contrast between light and shadow, giving body and reality to his figures while uniting the space and converting it into something coherent. Dürer shows us an anatomically idealised Christ.

The artist was initially inspired to produce the first seven illustrations, with the rest following in 1510. When Dürer finished the series they appeared as a book, with a frontispiece also at the artist’s hand and annotated by the scholar, Benedictus Celedonius.

Our facsimile edition reproduces, down to the smallest detail, the prints, the paper, and the binding of the original which is safeguarded in the National Library of Spain.

  • Year and place of Publication: Nuremberg, Germany in 1511
  • Physical description:12 prints: fibre woodcut.
  • Measurements:394 x 285 mm
  • Catalogue number: Invent/29844-855 National Library of Spain
  • Full colour study book
  • Limited edition facsimile, numbered before the notary with only 375 copies.
  • ISBN: 978-84-936312-9-1

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