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The Small Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ

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The «Small Passion» is one of the most beautiful and well-known works of Albrecht Dürer. This series, a miniature jewel from the German Renaissance, was made between 1509 to 1511, the year in which it was published in book form.

The work consists of 36 prints, in addition to the cover woodcut, «Vir dolorum», the image of the suffering man (Christ). The copy that has been selected for our edition has a distinctive feature that makes it unique: it contains an additional engraving (another version of the Prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane) that was not included in any other issue. This copy comes from a prestigious private collection.

This engraving masterpiece was widely circulated and highly popular in the early decades of the 16th century and inspired many Italian, German and Flemish artists, such as the engraver, Marcantonio Raimondi, and the miniaturists Nicolaus Glockendon (Book of Hours of Cardinal Albert of Brandenburg) and Simon Bening (The Very Small Hours of Montserrat, Book of Hours of Golf) in which works they copied, quite literally, the scenes that Durero imagined for the «Small Passion».

Its small size, 12×16 cm, the spectacular nature of its scenes, its impression on the author’s contemporaries as well as on later artists, make it an indispensable title for any bibliophile or Art and book lover.

Our facsimile edition reproduces every detail of the original with great care taken in the texture of the paper, the intensity of the inks of that time as well as in the traditional binding of each and every one of the 375 copies, numbered and authenticated before a notary, which make up the print run.

  • Title: The Small Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Author: Albrecht Dürer, Engraver
  • Year of publication: 1511
  • Language: Latin
  • Content: 38 Woodcut engravings.
  • Measurements: 12×16 cm.
  • Print run: 375 numbered and notary-authenticated copies.
  • Binding: Totally hand crafted, made of fine leather on wood.
  • Stitched by hand, section by section, with hemp yarn.
  • Complementary volume: Complete book of studies in full colour.
  • ISBN: 978-84-942508-5-9

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