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Profane and Sacred Engravings

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The perfect colophon to an indispensable collection. The best individual engravings from all the phases of Dürer. Themes that are sacred and profane, allegoric and costumbrista. A must for any art lover, including some of the best known engravings of all times.

This selection of Dürer’s best engravings, which are not part of the series in book form (Apocalypse, Life of the Virgin, Large Passion and Small Passion), allows us to study all the facets of this great German artist: both thematic (the deeply religious Dürer, the mystical Dürer, the costumbrist Dürer chronicling his everyday environment, the portraitist Dürer), and technical (Intaglio, rotogravure, woodcut, copper etc.).

  • The Sun of Justice
  • Saint George on horseback
  • The Dance
  • Peasants at the Market
  • Apollo and Diana
  • The big horse
  • Portrait of Cardinal Albert of Brandenburg
  • Portrait of Willibald Pirckheimer
  • The Temptation of the Idler (aka The Dream of the Doctor)
  • The Four Witches
  • Saint George and the Dragon
  • Landscape with Cannon
  • Melancholy
  • The Rhinoceros
  • St. Jerome in his study
  • The Prodigal Son
  • Knight, Death and the Devil
  • Portrait of Erasmus of Rotterdam
  • Adam and Eve
  • The Mass of St. Gregory
  • Nemesis (The Great Fortune)
  • Portrait of Emperor Maximilian I
  • Samson and the Lion
  • The Holy Family with three hares
  • The Men’s bath
  • Hercules
  • The rape of Amymone by Triton/the Sea Monster

Various sizes. Presented in a magnificent album in the form of a traditionally crafted hand-bound book. 375 numbered copies.

ISBN: 978-84-942508-2-8

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