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Madrid Codex | Leonardo Da Vinci | Limited Edition

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Madrid Codex in Limited Edition – Leonardo da Vinci


Both codex have been bring in Spain by Pompeo Leoni, the sculptor of Philip the II after a lot of vicissitudes ( had been lost for more than 150 years). Then have passed through the Library of the Monastery of Escorial and finally they鈥檝e been transfered at the National Library of the Spain.

Both Manuscripts have an enormous relevancy for all the world, not just for the pages that they contain (12%  of this manuscripts are part of the cataloged material left by Leonardo) but also for the special content, quality and author鈥檚 care. And also for be one of the most important essays on Engineering of that  time.

Moreover for the first time there is a critic edition about his Essays on mechanics, on statics and on geometry.

World edition, above all for bibliophiles and specialist, limited in 2990 pieces, signed and certificated by a notary public.

Technic caratheristics of the edition :

  • Facsimile reproduction in all colors.
  • Hand binding with red goat leather with hot gold printings which reproduce the original binding of the Biblioteca Real (Madrid)
  • Set : black cloth case with the hot gold printed back


Leonardo鈥檚 Codex ( Facsimile )

  • Codex Madrid I (Ms. 8937) 鈥 Essey on statics and mechanics鈥
  • 192 folios ( 384 pages) , interior dimension : 215×145 mm
  • Codex Madrid II (Ms. 8936) 鈥淓ssey on fortification, statics and geometry鈥.
  • 158 folios ( 316 pages), interior dimension : 210×145 mm


  • Complementary volumes
  • Vol. I e II. 鈥 Paleographic transcription, critic edition 鈥 with more than 3.000 notes 鈥 and translation by Prof. Eliza Ruiz ( Total pages 998 ).
  • Vol. III. 鈥 Biographic, codex and scientific investigation ( Color printing ; total pages 218).
  • Dr. Julian Martin Abad : 鈥淢anuscripts  8936 and 8937 from BNE鈥.
  • Prof. Eliza Ruiz : 鈥 Leonardo鈥檚 writings : thinking through images versus express through words鈥.
  • Dr. Fernando Cobos- Guerra : 鈥淟eonardo engineer   and its context: a guide to a critic lectur of the Codice Madrid II鈥.
  • Edition with the introduction by don Manuel Acero, President of the Engineer Institute of Spain..
  • Dimension : 215×310 mm
  • Pages : 1220 total of the three books.
  • Binding : cloth with hotgold printing on back
  • Set : Case with edges in red leather and cover in black cloth


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