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Gospel of Charles, Duke of Angoulême | Medieval Codices

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Gospel Book of the Duke of Angoulême


Our preparations for the reproduction of the Gospel of the Duke of Orleans-Angoulême involve a convergence of the most advanced techniques with the most traditional techniques. The specially made medium perfectly reproduces the subtle imperfections and relief of the original vellum. The 22-carat gold, applied in two stages to accentuate the Trompe-l oeil, provides the manuscript with all its original splendour, brilliance and depth.

The printing, reproduced in 6 colours, reflects the great variety of rich tones in the work; pinks, greys and blues appear, exactly reflecting the original, making the manuscript and our reproduction indistinguishable. The 145 miniatures and the hundreds of capitular letters enriched with gold make this work one of the gems in the Gran Reserva of the National Library.

Goatskin of the highest quality has been used for the binding, with gold embossed motifs and finished with a case of the same material used for the binding. The sewing of the page sections has been done entirely by hand on a traditional loom, using aged hemp yarn, exactly as it was done four centuries ago.

The bringing together of all these elements has resulted in a work that, as was envisaged in its day, can be considered to be fit for the son of a King.

Technical Characteristics

  • Origin: France
  • Date: 16th Century
  • Dimensions: 230 x 160 mm.
  • Content: 168 Sheets, with 145 miniatures with gold.
  • Language: Latin
  • Binding: Hand crafted in maroon goatskin, engraved in gold.
  • Print run: 375 limited edition numbered copies certified by a notary.
  • Study book: Complete study book by Josefina Planas, Professor of History of Medieval Art at the University of Lleida.
  • ISBN: 978-84-936312-8-4

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