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About Us

CM EDITORES is a publishing house dedicated to the reproduction and commercialisation of facsimiles of medieval codices, books of engravings, manuscripts and incunabula, in short runs and limited to a single edition intended for bibliophiles, collectors and art lovers in general.


A «facsimile» is an exact copy or reproduction of the original. In our case it refers to medieval codices, illuminated manuscripts or old books of engravings or drawings in which the colours are applied by hand. As a general rule, given that we are talking about priceless originals worth millions of Euros, there is only one copy in existence or such a small number that finding and acquiring them is an almost impossible and very expensive task. Our editions offer our clients authentic, bound copies of works of art. Our work is so accurate that the reproduction is astonishingly identical to the original, right down to the smallest details in the feel, the binding, the pigments, the gold and even the moisture stains.